Aloe Vera : It is a plant which has magical virtues, medicinal properties and unrivalled cosmetics, it is our favourite ! This plant can do anything ! Relieve pain, remove blackhead, treat dry hair, appease after shave, calm sun burn... We do not like it, we love it ! Find out our 5 beauty tips Aloe Vera based, to make yourself !  


Foreword : How to choose the right Aloe Vera gel ? 

Before you start making your own products, make sure of choose a 100% clean Aloe Vera gel. Lean toward organic gel, based with more 90% Aloe Vera gel. Also, verify that your gel contains only gel, no extracts from the whole leaf : Aloe Vera leaf contains latex so, toxic anoine (which is allergenic). 
And if you want to play herbalist, be careful ! Aloe Vera gel must be extracted carefully from its leaf : indeed, only the mucilaginous gel (pulp), located at the heart of the leaf, is usable. The latex, under the skin of the plant, is, toxic in contact with the gel ! 

Tips #1 : shaver gel 

Before passing the lazor blade, apply gently an aloe vera gel for easier shaving. And if you prefer to use wax, aloe vera also works wonders after hair removal.

Tips #2 : Moisturizing mask 

If you want to play the chemist, prepare this mixture : one teaspoon of honey to mix with one teaspoon of turmeric, then, two tablespoon of fresh Aloe Vera gel. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with clear water. Radical effect ! You do not have time to make your own mask ? Too lazy ? On a trip ? Our sheet mask « D’amour et d’eau fraîche » is made with aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, it is a really boost of hydratation ! 

Tips #3 : My home-made sanitizer gel 

The sanitizer gel is now a product that we could not leave without (and we would do without !). You can, thanks to Aloe Vera's super powers create your own gel. In a bowl, mix 30ml of Aloe Vera, 5ml of vegetable oil of your choice (jojoba, sweet almond etc.), 10 drips of tea tree essential oil, 10 drips of lavander and 15 ml of alcohol of 70 or 90 degres. That's it ! 

Tips #4 : Make-up base 

Forget your dirty make-up bases full of silicones, make your own home-made version, natural and economical ! Moreover, it allows make-up to last longer and matify T zone. 

Tips #5 : Bye dry hair !

As a night mask while sleeping, aloe vera gel if wonderful. You can mix it with a vegetable oil (coco oil is perfect !) and wash your hair in the morning. Garantee soft and moisturize ! 

Magical product, Aloe Vera is essential, you need it in your bathroom : make place for it !