Are you ready to enyoy the beautiful spring days that comes slowly and take advantages to change your beauty routine ? No more ultra-rich creams that protects from cold and wet weather, give way for lightness, freshness and spring cleaning ! Ready to look like another woman ?  

Spring clean

Before everything, the arrival of a new season is the occasion to sort your cosmetics : all products open for more than 6 months, throw it ! In fact, cosmetics' formula lost their efficacity once being exposed to the air. So, your sunscreen from last july or this scrub you buy last year, it is time to throw it with no regrets.  

 Love is in the hair

In winter, our hair mermaid mane is often damaged under caps, with scraf rubbing, the cold or humidity. Before the arriving of summer and its bundle of chlore, salt, sun, sand and any other agressions on our hair, take advantages of spring to cut your tips. Removing all your damage hair and split ends while treating gently ! 

Big spring clean

This winter, between the loss of ventilation and horrible mask, your skin really missed shine and tonus. It is time t o clean your skin ! It allows to decongest pores, remove dead cells and give a glow boost. You can start with a gentle scrub then, a home steam bath, add a few drips of essential tea tree oil. Next, leave on a  detoxifiying and purifiying mask, a lotion stroke to finish the clean and that's it, you are ready to enjoy the open air, sparkling ! 

Under the sun

Summer weather is back, we can see the first rays of sunshine and to curb cells aging and protect your skin daily, you can opt for a day cream with a sun protection factor, light and fluid. And, in case of an extend exposition, put on sunscreen 50 and your molst beautiful hat ! 

What about feet ?

You did not take care of your poor feet locked up in your shoes all winter. And when the first rays of sunshine appears you want to wear flip-flops, sandals or mules ! You want to know our plan ? Let's scrub ! You can use a home-made scrub with coarse salt and a teaspoon of vegetable oil such as coco or sweet almond. Then, put your foot in a warm bath and add sea salt, cider vinegar or lemon juice to eliminate the yellowing of the nails. Dry and apply moisturizing cream generousely. Now your feet are free ! 

We wish you a happy and pretty spring !