What should I put in my vanity-case ? What a dilemma ! Because we want to take all our products with us but at the same time, we do not want to blow up the suitcase... The golden rule ? Choose mini size products. You take the essential but in mini, and do not forget to please you. 

Vanity-case in detox

Before anything, you give to your vaity a big clean. Because this perfume sample open in 2006 or the leaky fondation, we do not needed anymore. So, we start with what ? 

OseThrow out. Or give.  Because this blue eye shadow that you didn't use will surely make your cousin happy. 

-   C Also check the expiration date : a rancid mascara or a lipstick that packs, you throw ! 

-         Focus on the 2-in-1, compacts and minimalists accessories. No need to carry your 1 liter body lotion or you big hair mask jar : thinks place saving !

My essential hygiene products 

Of course, you do not ignore your toothbrush and toothpaste, that you can choose as a zero waste version : a few lozenges in your case and a fresh breath guaranteed all weekend. 
In a nomadic mode, you can forget your make-up removal routine such as oil, foaming soap, lotion and opt for a magic glove or reusable cotton pads both remove make-up just with water. It is magic ! 
For your body, opt for a natural soft soap, is ideal for the whole family. And for your hair, use a solid shampoo to benefits from a siren mane. To carry it, even wet, the carry pouch is ideal and waterproof. 

My well-being products 

We know it, you want to bring the entire bathroom with you but we swear, only a few products are enough to take advantages of a relaxant moment ! 

- Take an moisturizing cream that is suitable for all skin types, and that you can use also for your hands, a chil pain etc.
- Take 15 minutes to apply a mask , even in a weekend away, you can please you. 
- Finally, your favourite perfume, do not forget to take a sample (leave the the 500ml bottle on the shelf !). 

So, are you ready to travel light but still beautiful ?