Zero waste is now a fully-fledged fight, lead in each room in the house : bathroom did not avoid and reduce ecological impact is maybe a worry for you. For cosmetics, it means watch out the packagings of your products : less there are, better is ! But how to start ?! Do not worry, we will give you a few tips to starts well (or still doing !) Your 100% zero waste beauty routine.  

Bye bye disposable cottons, hello reusable cottons

Do you know it ? On average, a woman use 2 000 cottons per year ! It is very much isn't it ? The best alternative to this alarming number is washable cottons : washable in washing machine or by hand, made with an organic and hypoallergenic cotton, it can be used as a classic cotton, except that you do not put it in the bin ! The washable cotton can be wash about 250 times and it lifespan is between 5 and 10 years. So, it is wonderful ! 

I do not throw out : kilos of disposable cottons !

Solid cosmetics 

 Shampoo, conditionner, toothpaste, soap, deodorant… Solid cosmetics are widely used and solicited for a good reason : it allows significantly reduce waste. Piece of advice : check the ingredient list that composed your product and choose a short list, no more than 8 ingredients ! And if you want a guarantee of the most natural solid product, opt for a solid cosmetic BIO COSMO* certified. 

I do not throw out : plastic shampoo bottles, shower gels, toothpaste tubes, deodorant sticks... 


Make-up removal glove, my zero waste alloy 

For a zero waste make-up removal routine, this make-up removal glove is the champion in all categories : just with a bit of water, it allows a perfect make-up removal ! So, no more make-up removal oil, soap or lotion : just rub your face gently and enjoy your clean and fresh skin. 

I do not throw out : bottles and flasks of my cleaning products. 

Ear pick as a cotton bud 

After shower, you take a cotton bud, you clean one ear, then clean the other, and throw it out ! Or worse, in the toilet bowl, yuck ! This habit is neither good for your ears nor for the environment. Alternative ? Ear picks ! Made with stainless steel or bamboo, it is very simple to use. Moreover, there are no risks of earplugs, there are low cost (between 1 and 10€), cleans up very easily and lasted many years.  

I do not throw out : cotton buds per thousands !  

Ready for your zero waste beauty routine ?