Livraison offerte dès 40€ en France et 80 € dans le reste de l'Europe.


Serviette merveilleuse !

It is the super water-absorbent bamboo hair dying towel. Thanks to its fabric, bamboo, that allows to gentlty and quickly wiks water away. This towel will help you reduce the use of the hair dryer. 

Very useful, it ties over the head like a turban. Light and very soft it is suitable for the whole family.

Turban towel.

Made in Portugal. 

VAT included


Paiement sécurisé


Livraison offerte en France à partir de 40 € et 80 € dans le reste de l’Europe.

Merveilleuse ! Is a hair towel turban that quickly wiks water away, thanks to the strong absorbent power of bamboo fibers. 

  • Bend forward to let hair hang down. 
  • Put towel on, button side up, at back of head. 
  • Wrap your hair with the hanging part of the towel. Pull the loop across your head and fix it to the button. 
  • Let the merveilleuse ! towel work.
  • Machine wash up to 60 when needed. 

90% viscose (bamboo) et 10% polyester.