Overwelmed, tired, always out and  about, no time for you : you know ? Fortunately, there are all in one products, practical, quick, multitasks, that allows you to take care of you in a snap. And because we are very kind, we give you some ideas not to forget to shine everyday. Do not thanks us, it is a gift ! 

Dry shampoo for late mornings 

You are such in a bad hair day and have no time to shampooing. Only one solution : dry shampoo ! Well, this does not replace classic shampoo, but it is a super-heroe for late mornings. Moreover, it gives volume to flat hair. You do not have one ? grandma's trick : little bit of talc on roots, leave on for a few minutes and brush your hair. Garantee clean effect. 

The vegetable oil for everything

Vegetable oil is an essential in your bathroom. Almond, Jojoba, Coco, Argan, it is multifunctions: it is also a good way to remove your make-up, even waterproof mascara. It also makes miracles on your hair, as a mask before the shampoo (leave on under a warm hair towel). You can also use it for massages as a body care... It is perfect ! 

A fresh touch for your eyes 

Hangover ? Your child grow teeth ? Husband snore while sleeping ? In short, this morning, in the mirror your eyes are puffy and tired and you have rings under your eyes, it is not cool. The ideal product ? The eye patches ! Refreshing and decongestant, it reduces puffy eyes and brighten the look. Leave on for 15 minutes and your are transformed. 

Magic glove

All right, we know that removing make-up at night is important but we can admit that sometimes we dream of going directly to bed without enter in your bathroom. The solution ? The Magic Glove with water only ! Wet it with warm water, without any other product, it removes eyes and face make-up perfectly. Moreover it is ecological ! 

Matifiying papers 

Let the combination and oily skins raise their hand if they never needed adjust make up in the day ! Shiny skin in late morning it is your daily routine, and you do not have time or occasion to put powder on your face. Matifiying papers are perfect : press it on your shiny areas and like magic it "absorbs" excess of sebum. Now you have a baby skin for all the rest of the day. 

« Less is more » : less products but more efficiency !